The Fundamentals of Meditation

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The Fundamentals
of Meditation​

Taught by Shunyamurti

The Fundamentals
of Meditation​

With Shunyamurti

Welcome Fellow Voyagers of Consciousness!

This course is a love offering to our global community, and we thank you for joining us on this journey. We have created a sequential curriculum of mini classes and exercises, expertly guided by Shunyamurti, and designed to help you understand, experience and “imperience” the benefits of a meditation practice first hand. This content, which was originally filmed as a private meditation retreat gathering with Shunyamurti, is being offered here in mini-course format so you will be able to reference, relisten and rewatch the lessons and practices you find particularly useful, contemplate the reflections questions provided, and journal about your own understandings and experiences. We hope that you will in-joy practicing the art of meditation and continue to journey with us into the next phase and beyond!
Sat Yoga Sangha

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